Build A Member Community Using Podcasts and Social Media with Thadd Simms

Today we welcome our friend and fellow podcaster, Thadd Sims.

Thadd created Konnekt-000-7 the podcast to discuss mindful communications and how to build positive and thoughtful relationships. He launched his podcast business while working a 9-5 job and recently made it his full-time gig. He shares with us his organic approach to founding community, building a business and creating a t-shirt line designed to spark insightful conversations.

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MORE ABOUT Thaddeaus Sims:

Thaddeaus Sims, is the host of Konnekt-000-7 Podcast. He creates mindful conversations that open up the space for discussion about relationships, collaborations and community building. He offer one to one coaching to help people define their goals and find the path tho their life purpose.

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Konnekt-000-7 Podcast


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