Engaging Instagram For Business Growth

Today we welcome our friend and fellow PME speaker, Adam  Schaeuble. Adam is the host of the top-ranked health podcast The Million Pound Mission where his goal is to inspire one million pounds of healthy results.

Adam shares his results-driven process for Instagram that he used to build his gym and coaching business while launching a podcast career at the same time. He gives us time-saving tips on how to record one piece of content and then use it in 3 ways on Instagram to amazing results. 

Plus he gives us the inside track on using personal voice messages to seal the customer journey deal.

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Adam Schaeuble aka The PHD (previously heavy dude) is host of the top ranked health podcast The Million Pound Mission where his goal is to inspire one million pounds of healthy results. Adam impacts his community by teaching them his 7 Necessary Steps For Long Term Weight Loss Succes that have produced a total 55,000 lbs of results for his clients and community members so far.

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Stefanie LaHart: 00:01 Today. We welcome our friend and fellow PME speaker, Adam Schaeuble. Adam is the host of the top ranked healthcare podcast, the million pound mission where his goal is to inspire 1 million pounds of healthy results. Adam shares his results driven process for Instagram that he used to build his gym and coaching business while launching a podcast career. At the same time, he gives us time saving tips on how to record one piece of content and then how to use it in three ways on Instagram to amazing results. Plus he gives us the inside track on using personal voice messages to seal the customer journey deal.

Stefanie LaHart: 01:33 Okay. You definitely want to listen to this show because I have like the number one Instagram expert in my book on the show today. His name is Adam Schaeuble I hope I’m saying that right. Am I Adam?

Adam Schaeuble: 01:47 It’s like S. H. Y. B. L. E. it was a good attempt though.

Stefanie LaHart: 01:52 Okay. so Adam is the AKA the PhD, the previously heavy dude. He hit a rock bottom and a moment in his life where he weighed 327 pounds, but we did just discuss your six foot three. So I mean, that is a lot of space. Yeah. You know? Okay. Anyway, so he went on his own journey got has weight loss down and then started actually training other people. He started a gym and a bootcamp program and helped his hometown lose over 35,000 pounds in five years. That’s amazing. And now he’s the host of the top ranked health podcast of million pound mission where his goal is to inspire 1 million pounds of healthy results, which he tracks on his website, the million pound mission.com. And uhlso like I said, the Instagram expert because a lot of his growth online has been through Instagram. So we had to have him on today. Adam, thank you so much for coming to the show.

Adam Schaeuble: 02:49 Well, Stefanie, I am psyched to be here with your Tradigital Tradigital users. I don’t know, you know, I like to make names for the communities, but the, this show is a gift to the online space. I, I subscribe, I listen and I appreciate what you’re putting out there. So this is a true honor and I’m really fired up about it.

Stefanie LaHart: 03:09 Well, thank you very much. You were very close with the name. I didn’t realize it was such a tongue twister when I picked it up. It’s Tradigital, which is a mixture of the traditional with the digital. So when our show first started, like I was telling you earlier, it was mainly me and Sharon who comes from, from a traditional PR background. And we were always exploring the crossroads of how the traditional PR was interested in acting with the digital marketing that was going on. So Sharon’s on a mini hiatus right now. So I wanted to invite some of my very close friends on the show with me and Adam and I actually met at pod Fest this previous year cause we were both speaking on social media for podcasting and he was right before me. And let me tell you, I am not often blown away by speakers because I think I’m amazing.

Stefanie LaHart: 03:52 So I’m always like, Oh they can measure up to me. And you took the stage before me and I sat back and I’m like I can’t believe I have to go on after this guy because you were like so great and exciting and impactful. And I remember you did a couple of things which I made notes of cause now I have worked that into how I structure a presentation which was giving like a top three tips kind of thing, like action points that people could do. And I really love that. And you know, let’s talk about Instagram cause I knew, I see you on there, you do amazing with it. I know you’ve used it a lot to build your business. So tell me a little bit about how you first got on Instagram and what were your intentions for it? Like did you start on Instagram thinking I’ll be able to use this to build my audience or how did that go for you?

Adam Schaeuble: 04:41 Well that’s a great question Stefanie. And part of it for me is I had to figure out where my audience was. Well I guess even a step back, who is my audience? And you know, mainly I was thinking about my podcast audience. Like who am I talking to? Who am I trying to impact, who am I trying to teach? And I kind of went through some processes to figure that out. And I found that my audience is, you know, 80% is going to fit the profile of a female above the age of 30 super busy being an entrepreneur, a mom, a friend, a spouse, a partner, a and they put themselves last when it comes to prioritizing their health and they, they fall into this thing that I call the black hole of weight loss, do them, and they lose a certain amount and they gain it back and losing, gain it back.

Adam Schaeuble: 05:25 And that’s what I do. That’s what I specialize in is pulling people out of that. So once I had that profile and I started looking for where those people were hanging out on social media, and I found that Instagram was kind of their jam and that’s, that’s where, where they were at for the most part. And I was just kind of exploring, you know, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook groups, but I was just getting the most engagement naturally off Instagram from this specific type of person that I was trying to impact with my show. So once I figured that out, I said, all right, how can I go deep with the purpose of connecting with these people? I wasn’t necessarily how can I promote to these people? It was, you know, what’s the end goal of how can I impact these people the most and really show them that I’m here to connect. And that’s where I developed some of the the like the gorilla marketing you know, different strategies that you won’t hear a lot of times that I taught at pod Fest and that’s what’s working really well for me right now.

Stefanie LaHart: 06:24 Yeah. So it’s interesting cause you actually came from having a physical business, like a location you worked at, you had a gym, right? Your own gym. Do you still have the physical gym? Yep. Okay. Okay. So then when you decided, well, I’m going to start reaching out to people on Instagram, was it because that you started already thinking I’m going to do online courses or how did that work?

Adam Schaeuble: 06:43 Yeah. Like I had dabbled in online memberships and courses for the last three years and I knew that that was one of the platforms I can use to impact my people and teach my people by recording things do and challenges you know, things like that to take the, the relationship next level. And I just found the Instagram is a great platform where the different methods that you can use on there with the Instagram posts, Instagram lives, Instagram stories, Instagram, TV, I can, I can kind of fish in different little ponds all within one platform and find out where people want to connect with me the most and really go deep with that. And that’s where I kind of developed those those strategies just by trial and error. And that’s a nice thing that you and I do as a online and digital marketing educators. We try all the things first. We put in those hours of, you know, trial and error and then we teach other people like, okay, don’t do this and do this and skip all the hassle that I went through.

Stefanie LaHart: 07:41 Yeah. Actually, it’s funny you mentioned that because for years when people would come to me for help with social media, you know, I would show them things that I had done on my accounts purposely to break them or to ruin certain things. And I’d be like, look, I want to show you why I did this and why it didn’t work. Don’t look at my account overall is like, Oh my God, a hot mess. Like I intend, I tell people all the time, I intentionally break my own personal accounts all the time because I want to try stuff, you know? And the only way you can do it with social is live. Like you have to physically put it online and kind of like throw it out there. And then also, you know, the ability to delete stuff, you know is great too. So it’s never like locked in stone. But yeah. So I know what you’re saying. Like you have to test theories live. And you know, one of the things that I’ve seen you do so great is use Instagram stories because we both know Instagram stories is the number one way to get your account discovered. Right? So with that said, how much, what’s your schedule like for actual posting on Instagram? Like, like doing like a feed post. Do you have a specific number of posts that you’re doing like per week or per month?

Adam Schaeuble: 08:49 Well, when we talk about like specifically as a podcast or I try to have some information go out there, obviously promoting an episode. But one of the big mistakes that I see people making across pretty much all social media platforms is that it’s all about, Hey everybody, come on, look how cool I am. A new episode. You should listen just because it’s, I said new episode. And we don’t really give people a reason to listen to that episode. And one of the little tactics that I use, I learned from Bryn Burchard, it’s called the, have you ever questioned or you can adapt it to, do you ever, have you ever, and you get people to go out? Yes. And that’s why I should listen to this episode. So when I, I released a new podcast episode on Monday, I put her a post out on Instagram and other social media platforms where, let’s say it’s a a, an episode about dealing with sugar addiction.

Adam Schaeuble: 09:42 And so I’ll ask the question that I can solve with the episode or the thing you’re trying to promote. I’ll say, have you ever felt like you can’t control your sugar cravings and it makes you crash on your diet and then people will respond and we know we want engagement. That’s, that’s, you know, the algorithm boost in every platform. So, and then I go on to talk about how I will solve that issue or you know, bring clarity to that issue with my episode. You can sub, you know, you could substitute episode for online challenge course opt in, product coaching, whatever it is. I always start with the end result in mind and work my way backward and go, what’s the first question I should ask to start that conversation instead of just smack him over the head with new episode, new program coaching. I’m awesome. You should do it. You know, things like that. I just look for a conversation starter cause that’s what we’re really doing on social media.

Stefanie LaHart: 10:34 Yeah. That I love the way you just broke that down. It’s so true. And in fact it’s something that Heather who’s from a sweet tea marketing was also just saying in our last show was that social media is a conversation and a lot of people, you know, forget that part cause we’re so interested in the end results and you see it with people with dieting too. Like nobody wants to go through the process. They just want the before and after picture. I was fat and I was thin and it’s like nobody wants to do the a hundred pictures that are in between that, but you know, social media conversations the same way there, there is no quick too before and after. There is no overnight success of anything, you know. So I like how you said that. And so when you’re doing a promo for your show, then are you doing within the feed posts? Are you doing a video where you’re talking or this is all going into your Instagram story?

Adam Schaeuble: 11:23 I actually have a technique that I will use for any of my posts where I will do one piece of content and I can make it work across all four areas of Instagram. And if you want, I can go through that real quick and that we could, we could share that with your audience and that’d be a nice little actionable tip. What do you think, Stefanie?

Stefanie LaHart: 11:41 That sounds great. Let’s do that.

Adam Schaeuble: 11:43 All right. So here is a quick process that you can do to make sure that you’re taking advantage of all the areas of the Instagram platform to let’s just say, to promote a podcast episode since we are podcasters. So what I would do is the first step is you go live inside of your Instagram stories. So you access your Instagram stories, you hit the live button and you asked that, have you ever questioned, we have that little mini conversation and you know you and I are always talking about the power of live casting and that the algorithm, how much it likes that, so that pulls a lot of people into your feed. You can do a little Q and a there, but you asked the question that starts the conversation as to why people should listen to your episode. Check out your free opt in, join your challenge group, whatever that is.

Adam Schaeuble: 12:27 Then once you finish that, you’re going to, it’ll give you the option to save that video in your stories and download it and you want to do both because we’re going to save it in our story so that it stays up there inside of our Instagram stories for 24 hours and that’s important. That’s a good thing. That’s just a continuous promotion of what you’ve got going on. Now you saved that video, you can take that and upload it to Instagram TV and you can add comments and hashtags. You can put a direct web link in there, which is great. And then that it gives you the option of creating a post out of that Instagram TV. So it’s one piece of content, one live cast, it’s, it’s live, it’s an Instagram story, it’s an Instagram TV and it’s put up as opposed and it’s all connected around that one, you know, action step that you’re trying to get them to take in that conversation that you’re trying to start. So even if you go live for 10 minutes, it took you 10 minutes, you get four basic pieces of content that promote that thing that you’re looking to get out there. And it’s a super efficient way a to use every single area of the Instagram platform.

Stefanie LaHart: 13:33 That’s great. I’m really glad you brought up Instagram TV cause you know what, it’s something that Instagram launched last year, was it? Or the year before maybe. I don’t see a ton of people using it. I don’t see a ton of people talking about it. I think people are still kind of confused about how to access it, what’s the importance of it. But I see that they have now integrated like you said, where they, you can make it a post. I think by them doing that it’s going to make people more likely to start using it. Do you agree? Cause now it’s like, Oh, I see what I could do with that. I think the whole clicking to this whole other section called Instagram TV, people were losing it, but I like it within the post now. So have you seen a lot more traffic coming because of the Instagram TV now? Because it is integrated with the posts?

Adam Schaeuble: 14:15 Yeah. And as you know, with any social platform, the new thing gets the most juice with algorithms. So if you’re wanting to grow your account and get on Instagram TV and what do you want to think about with Instagram? TV is YouTube style teaching videos. I, you can add some graphics and things to it, but a, it’s vertical, right? It’s, it’s, it’s, so if you record YouTube videos on your phone, you record them horizontal, Facebook, horizontal. This is a vertical phone plat form. It gives, the horizontal ones will show up real small. And so, and they do this on purpose. They want it to be different and they want, they want everybody to be like, Oh, I’m just gonna make all my YouTube videos and load them up here. And it’s the same thing. So it’s a vertical platform which it’ll fit. That’s why it fits with Instagram stories, vertical, vertical platform.

Adam Schaeuble: 15:04 So, but people are going on there, they’re teaching. That’s why it’s great for podcasters, bloggers, anybody that has content that you teach on a, a process, some different steps. It’s just a great way to get on there. And, and like you said, now they’ve created so they can match it up with the post. You get a little preview. It’s an easy clickable wanting to see the whole video. Sure. Boom. Click on that and wants to see the video. They can see a, a direct link to whatever you’re talking about. And that is amazing with an Instagram cause we know that normally you only have that one link in your bio and everybody’s going, Lincoln bio, Lincoln bio. And this will actually give you an opportunities to click on something and send them right where you want to send them.

Stefanie LaHart: 15:41 Yeah, that’s great too. Cause honestly I don’t think many people bother with the whole clicking over to the Lincoln bio. You know how it is. If they have to make too many steps you lose them. The other thing you know I, I know I had heard some rumors that Instagram was thinking about actually making that vertical video also. Like you could do a horizontal options. Do they haven’t done that? Is that what you’re saying?

Adam Schaeuble: 16:00 Well you can. Yeah you can but it just looks smaller or it might just smush it up and it’ll look different so it doesn’t fit rectangularly real well yet.

Stefanie LaHart: 16:11 Right. And you know with that content too, I think you could also, if you were doing maybe a business to business kind of area, you could also take that and drop it over on your LinkedIn as well, which I think would work too. Cause you know what, I stand with LinkedIn with video that I get a lot more results if I throw a vertical video in there that looks kind of spur of the moment rather than doing the horizontal that looks like it’s been overproduced. So I don’t know if you’ve done any of that, but I’m seeing really good results when my clients are doing vertical video over on LinkedIn rather than filling the space. Cause people feel like, Oh this is a private meeting between me and you. Right.

Adam Schaeuble: 16:47 Yeah. Well I think that what you just said is huge right now because authenticity and real life, real people, that’s going really well on social. Good for me because I’m not super fancy enough to really do these overproduced videos. I’m crushing it and this is how I’ve grown my account. Cause I’m just like on the fly, hold my phone, let’s go unedited. And you know, no text or logo overlay. It’s just me and my face and my PhD hat. And away we go with some big energy and people are vibing with that. But it just seems like a couple of buddies talking. And you know, teaching about what they’ve learned and that’s, that you hit the nail on the head with that. I mean that’s something that hopefully should take the pressure off of people that are looking to get into social media and going live and things like that because you know, you can just be you and that’s what people want. They want to hear that. That’s who they want to learn from.

Stefanie LaHart: 17:37 Exactly. And just depending on your business too, you know, sometimes it works in like you said with the authenticity of it. Like you know, you’re working with real people who have a real problem, you know, weight loss in that age range, which I’m in that age range. So by way I’m going to be checking out the sugar shows because I admit I am a sugar queen. So, but yeah, so you know that the thing that is great about the Instagram stories is that you can be a lot more just kind of on the fly. It doesn’t have to be over produced and it does disappear and things like that. And I can tell you from personal experience, cause I did just share with you also that I adopted a new dog and of course I had to start an Instagram for him and I get like, you know, I’ll put something up in the Instagram stories and have a hundred views because Instagram is just constantly showing that the new people, you know, we, we only have like 95 followers on the account, but I’ll get a hundred views on every single story because Instagram is sending those people to the story and the discovery.

Stefanie LaHart: 18:33 And I think that’s overlooked a lot by people. The fact that Instagram stories is how you’re going to build your account, like your following and essentially your business. Cause I’ve been told, and you can agree with me or not, that a lot of people are saying now that they are not doing daily posting on Instagram, there may only be posting a feed post, you know, a square posts maybe twice a week if that. Because you know, Instagram is not sending people to their feed. So how do you feel about that as far as content on your feed?

Adam Schaeuble: 19:03 Yeah, I 100% agree with it. And it’s one of those things like I remember the good old days of Facebook, Stefanie, when I would put up a before and after transformation and like 80% of my followers would see it and I would get clients and it’d be amazing. All organic non pay, you couldn’t even pay and now it’s like 6% of the people see it. I got two likes and then now they want me to pay to boost the post and maybe I’ll, I’ll get 10 likes. And but the as similar thing is happening with the Instagram posts less activity, less likes, less commenting less algorithm juice. So yeah, I mean I, I put stuff up, I still put stuff up daily. One of my rules that I have is I don’t like to have two promotional posts in a row, even if I’m just promoting free content.

Adam Schaeuble: 19:45 So if I put out a podcast episode thing, the next picture is probably going to be me and walking my dog or me and my kids playing or just something from my life that just me or something funny, you know? And so I don’t like to, it’d be like blasting, blasting, blasting. I’ll, I’ll business stuff. I can put some of my stuff in there, but the stories are where it’s at. I am, I always have an active story going. I know that, that my, you know, on your account the little light around your, your picture for me, that is always lit up. People can always tune in and see what I’ve got going on, whether it’s walking my dog, playing basketball with my son while I’m teaching, go on live. What I’ve got to promote. I do a technique probably this is my most effective technique for promoting things, doing, getting sales, getting opt-ins, getting downloads, promoting my podcast is, I use that.

Adam Schaeuble: 20:35 Have you ever questioned strategy as an Instagram story poll? So I’ll ask them that question and then there’ll be a yes or no answer as through an Instagram story poll and you guys have never done one of those. You can see who says yes and who says no. Not only can you see who sees the post, but who actually answers. And what I would do if I’m promoting an episode, if they have the affirmative answer of like, yes, I do have this issue which my podcast episode would solve, I’ll actually go through and I will a voice message. Each person with that affirmative answer. This is totally unscalable but very effective and I will use their name and I will thank them for responding and I’ll say, Hey, make sure you check out episode a hundred because I talk about this and I dive deep and if you have any questions just message me back.

Adam Schaeuble: 21:26 Or we could do a free 15 minute coaching chat so you can, you can take them to the next level of the relationship. Again, totally unscalable but this is how you create super fans because they’re like, wow. It was really him because I’ve listened to a show and that’s his voice and he said my name and he just opened the door for a conversation and he’s a real person. So, and I tell ya, I crush it with this, whether I’m selling something, getting people to my event, like, Hey, I noticed that you’re interested in this topic. I’m talking about this at my live event. Here’s the date. I would love for you to check it out. And I always, I always get responses of, Whoa, you actually like, like podcast listeners, especially Stefanie, they are used to being ignored. Like they’ll send questions on DMS, they’ll send emails and they’re like, I know you probably get a million of these, but I thought I’d toss it out there. I know I don’t expect your response, blah, blah, blah. And when I respond within like a couple of hours and it’s my voice or a video, they freak out and that’s a super fan and they go tell 10 people about my podcast.

Stefanie LaHart: 22:26 So you never just respond with text. You’re always sending a video back

Adam Schaeuble: 22:30 Video or voice because it’s easy for me. I’d rather have the little microphone and just talk in there instead of type, type, type. I have these big clumsy fat thumbs, you know, used to be, you know, the heavy guy, not, not the previously heavy guy. So yeah, it’s, it’s much easier and it stands out and if they’re getting a lot of messages, the little play button with the audio bars, that’s mysterious, right? That’s like, Ooh, what’s this? And this is another method I use to get guests on my show, higher profile people. Those people are getting thousands of DMS, but it’s all text. Oh, I love you, but come on my show, blah blah blah. And I have the little mysterious play button who doesn’t want to click that? Like what’s this all about? And they’ll click it, listen to it, they hear my voice, they hear my energy, and it’s just a deeper level of connection. So that’s another way that I used to to get a good guests or those high profile people on my show.

Stefanie LaHart: 23:22 Right. And that’s something actually we talked about the messaging feature a little bit. You and I when we were at pod Fest because after you spoke I was like, wow, this is, this is incredible. You were teaching me things and just making me think of how to approach Instagram in a different way. And I remember we had a conversation where there was something you wanted to promote or bring attention to and you had started deeming people about it on Instagram and think that is often overlooked tactic we could say or way of like reaching out to people. But I like what you’re saying about doing the personal messages too, because I get a ton of spam of people just doing like a template message, right? Where they’re just like, as soon as they connect with me or they follow my account or they say I follow their account, I immediately get the spam message that is the template.

Stefanie LaHart: 24:08 It go by whatever it is I’m selling. And you know that that puts people off because first of all, you don’t even know if I’m your correct audience. You don’t know if I would ever buy anything. There’s no relationship there. So that’s something, you know, we, we don’t want people to do, but I do like the intimacy of responding to someone or just reaching out to them with the voice. So you guys have, you see me doing a lot more of that. I totally stole it from Adam. Like I’m just saying that now cause that’s not something that I’ve been doing within my own business. Even though you and I had talked about it. I think I needed a refresher. Honestly. I just brought you on here because I would have my own like personal one on one time so you could teach me stuff.

Adam Schaeuble: 24:44 Well, yeah. What I love to do, I mean I think about why am I podcasting, why am I on Instagram? I love to talk to people. I love to add some of my energy to them, let them borrow some of that until they build up their own, whether it’s with podcasts, tips, weight loss tips, whatever. Like that’s my unique ability. That’s part of, of what really fires me up about live. So conversations like this and it’s just like, this is recess for me. Stefanie.

Stefanie LaHart: 25:08 So you started with the physical location training people in person, you moved to the online space, creating courses, reaching out to people online, and then was the next trajectory into the podcasting sphere. Was that how you then went into, so what led you to the podcasting and how have you integrated into it? You know, you just get to build your business cause you actually have two podcasts now you have a million pound mission and casting the pod, which I was on a couple of months ago. So tell me how they’re now integrating within your business and your life and when your wife is going to tell you no more. The,

Adam Schaeuble: 25:40 The good news is that I always kind of start with the end relationship in mind. Like I said, like how can I help a person and then build back from there and say, okay if I can help somebody that struggles with the black hole of weight loss to help them escape that, how can I do that? We’ll probably, I like the membership model. Okay, well how do I introduce somebody to that membership model? Well let’s do a free challenge. All right, well how would I promote the free chat? So I just, I work backwards in this vertical line and S and where I used to get in trouble was I would just develop a lot of products and programs and it’s kind of like a spray across horizontally and and, but now I’ve gotten much better at that. So that happened with, with million pound mission.

Adam Schaeuble: 26:20 You know, I had success locally, personally. First I lost over a hundred pounds, then I helped my hometown and do the whole 35,000 pound transformation. Then we actually go for the million pounds. Like we’re tracking that we’re 55,000 pounds of donated from podcast listeners or they listened in. That’s another thing we might talk about just building community. Like I don’t require an opt in of any sort. They go on the website and they can donate that weight loss. They learned something from the show, lose weight, don’t the weight loss. They’re a part of that community and they feel like they’re a part of it. And that’s huge. And then, you know, so we go deep on the podcast. Then one of the things I realized was that a, I love talking to podcasters. I love learning from other podcasts that just helps my own craft.

Adam Schaeuble: 27:01 But one of the best ways to grow your podcast is to be on other podcasts. And one of the best ways to do that is to make friends with podcasts and have them on your show first. And not every, yeah, and not everybody fit million pound mission. So I’m like, I’m seeing create a podcast for podcasts or it’s called casting the pod and then I can just talk to as many podcasts as I want, make friends and add value to them first. And if it makes sense, I come on as a guest like we’re doing here today. And you know, that’s a great way because I’m sure you get the same volume of emails every day of people pitching to be on your show and there’s no like value add for you first. And I, I will invite somebody to be on my show first. I’ll be like, Hey, let’s do a livecast together too.

Adam Schaeuble: 27:45 That’s a second value add. Let me promote you to my audience. Let me share your stuff first. And then we make friends. And if I can add value then cool. Let’s, you know I’ve been on lots and lots of podcasts because of the, so I started doing that and now I’m a, I’m a community builder. That’s what I’ve done with my, my weight loss program at million pound mission. So now I’m angling in a vertical line towards like a podcast or a support group. I don’t really want to teach people how to podcast. That’s not my jam. Like the technicals, like here’s the microphone you should use and things like that. I’ve got a a, a, an online a free Facebook group where we do that co coach Justin shank. He’s the guy that helps me like the tech guru wizard.

Adam Schaeuble: 28:31 And he is in there helping out with that stuff and that, that’s free. But I prefer to get, I’m an idea guy. I’m an energy guy. I’m an accountability guy. I’m a goals guy. So that’s the next step that I’m, that I’m working on in the podcasting space as far as monetizing is creating, not really a mastermind but more of a support group and I’ve got a unique name for it. I haven’t launched yet, but you’re going to crack up and I’ll, I’ll tell you off air what it is. I’m in case I decided to change it but I’m going to make you laugh about that one. It will be unique. It will be the first of its kind. Let me tell you that.

Stefanie LaHart: 29:02 Okay, well we will make sure in the show notes that we have links to everywhere that you can find Adam. So whether you want to check out this million pound mission or as podcast or join any of his Facebook groups, we’re going to have all the goodies for you so you can cause Adam is just one of those people that definitely, definitely understands how to utilize a platform like Instagram, you know, specifically in this space. I mean I, like I said, I’ve seen you do things that even I wasn’t aware of and I see you again think out of the box how, how when something becomes a tool or it becomes a system, how you really take it in a different direction and I just really admire you for that because I think in a lot of ways people quickly get that Instagram burnout because they try do that keeping up with the Joneses and the what I call the pretty people all the time and they want it to look slick and they want to look pretty and everybody wants to add that slashed to the end of their name influencer immediately, right? It’s like, Oh, I’m an influencer, which essentially means nothing now and in fact, Ooh, we should talk real quickly. How do you feel about this whole likes thing that they’re talking about getting rid of? Do you have an opinion of that?

Adam Schaeuble: 30:03 I think that’s great. I mean it should be about impact. I wish they had like an impact meter that people could be like, this post meant something to me and they could do something in that like you’d go grows up the chart. But I mean people can go to my Instagram profile and make it looks, my posts look like Instagram puke. Like th there’s no, there’s no beauty to it. Like you can’t take 12 posts and it creates a bigger picture or anything like that. It’s just, it’s just authenticity. And I’m never going to be that, that, you know, Speedo model where every picture comes together. It’s a picture of my abs or something like that. It just, that’s not what I’m going for. So be authentic, be you and let the world see what you’re all about and if it may cause those are the people you want to attract anyway. You don’t want fake followers that will fake buy fake things from you and not really be into what you’re doing. So really be about you and see, you know, find those people that are the best match for you.

Stefanie LaHart: 30:56 Yeah. I’m, I’m actually pretty excited about the whole, maybe the likes thing going away. I don’t know if it’s actually ever going to go in the way that we’re thinking. Cause I do think at this point now with the way social media has progressed that we’re at a point where we need to remove that level because it’s no longer, you know, it’s no longer valuable. And also it’s stopping people in a way because they’re feeling like, well I don’t have that certain amount of likes or follows and why is it worth what I’m doing? And I think we’re losing a lot of valuable people that could be a part of social media. You know, giving great, you know, tips or advice or just being themselves, like just sharing themselves with people. And they stopped because they’re like, well, I’m not going to be that person or have that amount of like influence or effect.

Stefanie LaHart: 31:37 And I think once we take that out of the mix, however they’re going to do it, I think we’re, I think social media is ready for that. You know, social media has really been around for like over God almost 20 years now. I think Facebook started what, in 2005. Right? So I mean we’re due for a change in the way things are done. And I think once we remove that level or change it, I think it’s going to be a lot better for people just in general, not just business owners overall. Because once we remove that, once we remove that, I think it’ll, it’ll open people up a lot more to experimenting and not feeling that fear of, you know, FOMO, that fear of missing out, fear of keeping up, feel of being judged. And I’d like to see that progression. You know, sometimes people are like, I’m burned out on social media, I’m going to go off.

Stefanie LaHart: 32:23 But you know, I don’t agree that that’s ever going to truly happy. This is part of our world and our culture and how we interact now. But I’m, I’m ready for that change. And I know a lot of people are ready for that change. You know, we need to go onto like the next level. So I really again advise people that are listening to the podcast or watching this video later on my YouTube channel that you do check out what Adam’s doing cause he really is able to take the tools and what is available out there, not only with Instagram but the other social tools and use them in a total unique way that works. And I just, I really, really admire you for that because a lot of times, you know, again, we all get stuck in what’s everybody else doing? Let me just do the same thing.

Stefanie LaHart: 32:59 And that’s not always gonna work for everybody. So if you guys are watching the video now, you can see Adam’s wall behind him with all his million pound missions and his podcast plaques and everything. And let me tell you, once I saw that on your wall, I started seeing that on other people’s walls. People are already copying you. I’m sure you’d see that, which it was a great idea. So, okay, before we sign off here, can you give me one, one tip that you think people should be doing on Instagram right now to help their business?

Adam Schaeuble: 33:33 Well, you should be, you should be going live. I love live interviews and as a podcast or I do live followups because you get to borrow the other person’s account to build your account. So if Stefanie and I go live, the algorithm says, Hey, Adam’s going live and Hey, Stefanie, follower Stefanie’s going live and the people that are the right fit, we’ll follow each other’s account, but they can co-mingle there. So if you’re, if you want to be an influencer or promote a thing that you do, then find the people whose audience you want to speak to you and go live with them. Share a platform and that’s going to build your audience quickly.

Stefanie LaHart: 34:11 [Inaudible] So you’re saying after you would do like a podcast show, then you invite that person, I mean that lady to do like an Instagram live just to talk about like your show kind of thing.

Adam Schaeuble: 34:18 Yeah. After the episode goes live that that’s, that’s key is that way you can promote that

Stefanie LaHart: 34:22 After this. That’s got to, okay, good. Because I know that you have to be so aware and we have to get off of this show right now. So when I’m ready to publish this show, I’m going to be tapping you and saying, we’re publishing, let’s do that live thing and it’ll tie into it perfectly. Awesome. Well, Adam, thank you so much for being on the show. Again, your tips are so invaluable, not only to me, but to the people that are listening and I will make sure that we have all the links in the show notes so everyone listening and watching can follow Adam. He’s definitely somebody who is worth the time to check him out because he knows what he’s doing and he’s done it in a way that you know is unique and I’m not seeing other people do and he’s having great results. So Adam, thank you very much. Thanks Stefanie.

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