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Today we welcome our first guest to the show, long-time friend and personal mentor, Josh Elledge. Josh is the founder of UpMyInfluence and has helped thousands of business owners become high-authority experts that the media and other influencers seek out for partnerships and to promote. He talks about how critical it is to max out your profile on LinkedIn and shares his personal tips on using the social media platform for business building.

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Josh Elledge is U.S. Navy veteran and launched to help entrepreneurs attract the perfect audiences and grow their brands without the crazy costs associated with traditional PR companies.

UpMyInfluence’s purpose is to DEMOCRATIZE access to influence. Josh believes he has a moral imperative to help entrepreneurs serve the world with their collective messages while growing their revenue!

UpMyInfluence was the natural outgrowth of his first startup, which has grossed more than $6 million in sales with less than $500 in advertising. He did it all through building authority and serving audiences in the media.

Josh is a weekly TV consumer expert in Orlando, writes a syndicated newspaper column to 1.1 million readers, and regularly appears on more than 75 TV stations across the country. All told, Josh has appeared in the media more than 2000 times.

Josh loves living in Orlando, FL with his wife and three children

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Stefanie LaHart: 00:00 So I’m excited. This is something new for the Tradigital podcast. First of all, this is the first time we’ve had video a. And secondly, you’re going to notice that my co-host, Ms Sharon newt, is not with me today because we have decided to have some guests on for the next couple of weeks while she takes her hiatus, which again lends itself to why we have video. Because as you know, talking about on our podcast, our refuses to be on videos. So my next guest, my first guest, Mr Josh Elledge, is very video friendly and he is also a US Navy veteran who launched up my influence to help entrepreneurs attract the perfect audiences and grow their brands without the crazy costs associated with traditional PR companies. And that is something Sharon has been adamant about from the beginning. So I brought Josh Josh on today to actually talk about LinkedIn because he is at LinkedIn aficionado and I know that you guys have been super late. I interested in our LinkedIn shows in the past. So without further ado, Mr Josh Elledge, thank you so much for coming on our podcast.

Josh Elledge: 01:03 Yeah, yeah. Stefanie, thank you so much. And full disclosure, we, you and I have been friends for quite some time too, so I’m not, not only am I, you know, do I have some expertise in these areas, but it’s an honor to be able to guest host and thank you so much Sharon, for keeping the seat warm for me. I can still, I can still feel it. Yeah. Feel that, feel that you feel your warm, but I’m ready to go.

Stefanie LaHart: 01:28 Yeah. And I was really interested in, again talking to you because you and Sharon are very much in alignment with, you know, your, your cost for your business do not have to be outrageous. Whether that’s PR, whether that’s marketing, there’s a lot of stuff, especially when you’re just starting out that you can do as an entrepreneur, as a small business. And we really like to empower people with that information. And one of the great tools that you and I both use a lot that is free is LinkedIn.

Josh Elledge: 01:50 Yeah. For sure. Yeah. And you know, just a little bit of groundwork too. Just in terms of my experience in PR is that we’ve done well over $6 million in revenue. I’ve spent less than $500 in advertising. We do. We just don’t advertise. I believe, you know, kind of like the founder of Geek Squad said advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable. And so if you wake up in the morning and your first thought is, you know, who am I gonna sell to today? That’s a tough way to do business. If on the other hand you say, you know what, I’m just going to go and give value to audiences. I’m just going to give freely without any consideration about what they are going to give me. Audiences are gonna feel that generosity, they’re gonna feel that love and they’re going to be naturally attracted to what you have to offer.

Josh Elledge: 02:35 And I know it sounds risky, it sounds scary to marketers. But I promise you it’s, you know, it’s more of a long game. You know, it’s definitely more farming than it is hunting and gathering. But it absolutely works. And you know, yeah. As you mentioned today, I mean this is essentially what we teach. And so you know, getting into what does this have to do with LinkedIn? What does PR have to do with LinkedIn? Well, the, here’s the reality. So I’ve been a syndicated newspaper columnist now for nine and a half years. When I am potentially going to be quoting an expert I am going to do a very little bit of vetting just because I want to make sure that I’m not quoting a Dingbat or something. So at the very least I am going to do a quick Google search for them.

Josh Elledge: 03:18 And generally if you Google my name for promise you that on page one of my Google search results, my LinkedIn profile is going up here. Uand why that is is because that is a fully optimized LinkedIn profile, which by the way, we’re going to be talking about LinkedIn profiles. Uif nothing else, if you’re like, well, I don’t ever want to engage with Josh at, at the very least, go find me on LinkedIn and just copy what I do on my LinkedIn profile. I can tell you that what I do absolutely works. And beyond just PR, connecting with influencers, connecting with journalists, I want to make sure, like we’re absolutely gonna talk about how to use LinkedIn to make a lot of money. Uand, and why that’s so important.

Stefanie LaHart: 04:02 Awesome. And thank you so much Josh, and I just want to invite our audience because I know how generous you are that anyone that’s listening to this after the show, if you do go search Josh on LinkedIn, please feel free to connect with him. He will accept your connection and just following him on LinkedIn, it’s going to be so invaluable to you. So that’s our first Freebie for the day. How about that? So, you know, right before our show started, you did show me that huge stack of business cards that you just gathered at fin con. So let’s talk a little bit about, you know, how do we translate those meetings? Maybe we, we get for five seconds at a convention or a conference into how do you do that outreach on LinkedIn? You know, how do you utilize that without spamming? I don’t know about you. I get a ton of spam messages on LinkedIn right now with people just sending me a sales email when they really know me or my business. And that is not what we are advocating right here at all.

Josh Elledge: 04:56 Oh my gosh, that is so bad. Do not do that. That’s one way to get you blacklisted. Let, let me, let me cover it cause we’re, we’re kind of covering a few things here. So let me let me kind of back clean up here cause there’s a few things that I want to make sure that I don’t miss. Now the first thing I want to point out in the mobile app, and I know this isn’t going to translate very well to audio, is you’re going to have to follow along. What I want you to do is I want you, I’m going to show you a couple of things. If you haven’t discovered this absolutely you absolutely need to know this. Okay? So the first thing again, follow,

Stefanie LaHart: 05:28 I’m pulling my phone out right now. Okay, go for it. Go.

Josh Elledge: 05:31 Awesome. All right. So the first thing I want you to do is make sure you know how to scan LinkedIn codes. Hopefully you understand this already, but if you don’t, all you do to get to this in the search bars are when you pull up your LinkedIn app in the search bar above, there’s like a little code thing on the right side of the search bar. Just click that. Then it’s going to give you two options. You can either scan or you can show your code. So there’s my code right there. Oh my God, I didn’t know that in person. Just open it up, show the code or scan their code and Bam, you’re instantly pull up their Yup. Yeah, I don’t know if it’ll work over. Of course, this is exciting. Ready, connected. We have been for some time. So, so that’s the first thing. So when you meet with anybody, like get connected on LinkedIn because you’re going to need that in the future. Secondly, and it’s much easier by the way, to just scan QR codes. Then if you’ve got a name like you know, John Smith, you know, or whatever, you know, it’s it’s, there’s a lot of ya on, on LinkedIn. It’s going to be a lot easier if we just scan QR codes

Stefanie LaHart: 06:42 And judge Jeff, let’s clarify for people real quickly. In order for them to scan it, they need a QR code reader, right?

Josh Elledge: 06:48 No, no. It’s all built into the app because, yeah, so you can either click, scan or click my code and then you just hold your phone over. The other person’s over, the other person instantly comes up and then you just click connect. Okay. Okay. Yeah. The person doing the scanning, we’ll have the opportunity then to connect with that person. So I always just say, well, show me your QR Code, cause then I’ll just click connect right there. Now here’s the second thing. When you click on at the bottom, the second icon should be a little friend icon. So click that it’s going to bring up, you know, all your friends, your connections, and then there’s a little, I’m looking at the Ios version. It might be different on the android version. But there is a blue circle, little person with a plus sign.

Josh Elledge: 07:43 Click that. And then what I want you to do, this is so insane. I could not believe how well this worked when you’re at a conference. This is nuts. You Click on find nearby on. Do you see that? Yes. And then you share your nearby status and then anybody else who has that on you every look at that. You’re so did you, do you pull it up yet on that right now? Oh, okay. So it should show you something like in my case there’s nobody who has the QR who has the but what it will do, like if you’re sitting in a conference and you’re surrounded by audience, that thing is going to populate with dozens, if not hundreds of people. Everybody was at the conference with you. So then you just go, click, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, go. Just start connecting to everybody. Like, hey notice you were at fin con, Hey noticed you were at a, you know, mic two conferences. I was just at this really is so amazing. Yeah,

Stefanie LaHart: 08:45 That’s incredible. I did not know that. I had no idea about that feature. You know, it once again, these social tools are kind of morphing and evolving so quickly. Sometimes they put these things in and then people don’t know how to use them. So thank you so much for that tip. That is a great bonus cause I know a lot of the people that are in our audience, you go to a lot of the conventions and expos, so guys write that one down to make sure you turn on that find nearby when you’re in that setting. Like I’m in my Home Office, I don’t really need it on at this point, but yeah, that’s incredible. Thank you Josh.

Josh Elledge: 09:17 Yeah, it is. It is like magic. It’s really, it’s like a new level of sorcery, so, okay. So connections are great. I love to give context when I do connect to people for sure. And I find that like if I legitimately want to connect with them, I let them know like what’s, what’s, what’s our relationship like how do we know each other? And so that, you know, that’s gonna really, really help, you know, people say, oh yeah, we should connect now why do you want to connect? Well, particularly if you do business with, especially like B2B man, LinkedIn, there is nothing on the planet that works as well. And like if you’re an agency owner and you are not maxing out everything that LinkedIn allows you to do, you are losing so much money. There’s no reason I’ll get Stefanie, I can just tell you very bluntly that as, as an agency platform, I mean we do pretty well our income just from, I’m going to teach a strategy on this conversation.

Josh Elledge: 10:16 In the past I’d say month and a half, we have increased our income by 45%. I mean just in the past month and a half. So it’s been that significant. Now I will also say that what I’m about to teach you, I’m very, very busy. So I’m doing between 20 to 25 sales calls every single week. And these are with new people. And again, you’re probably thinking how on earth does he get that? Oh, I’m going to tell you. So grab your note notebook cause I’m going to go through this. And I don’t think I’ve really ever explained this in detail online. Like and so this is this, you’re getting an exclusive Stefanie, I haven’t even told my own audience in detail how what I do. The thing is like, I’m very much a fan of Bob Burg, the go giver and that philosophy where if you want to connect with someone and especially if you’re like, hmm, I would love to do business with this person.

Josh Elledge: 11:08 You know, I’d love for them to buy my services. Which, you know, a lot of us are like, you know, we want people to buy our services, we want to grow and scale our business. We want to make good revenue. You cannot just go out there and just start beating people over the head with, you know, this fake nonsense about a, you know, you’re just putting them into a sales funnel, download my free white paper. Hey, now let’s schedule a 15 minute meeting. It’s like, it’s just so fake. People know exactly what you’re doing. So instead, if you truly want to engage in a relationship with someone, you are going to need to really give a lot of value on the front end and it needs to be, there should be no indication that you are trying to get them to eventually buy services. It really does need to be all about them and it needs to be all about everyone. So

Stefanie LaHart: 11:59 Well Jeff, let me ask you real quick, what does that look like content wise on LinkedIn? When you’re saying give value, are you saying that we, they like people should be making more posts. Writing articles? Yes. Videos like all the or providing content on the LinkedIn platform for people to consume it. Yeah, didn’t. And it’s totally freeway

Josh Elledge: 12:18 Step one, you need to establish your authority. So what that means to me is that your LinkedIn plural profile needs to be maxed out. You need to have a great profile picture. You need to be using the cover image. Assert your authority. Talk about the value you bring people. Why should people connect with you? Make it very, very clear. You know, give some evidence that you are an authority in your space, in that cover image. Then your bio, your description, like everything needs to support that you, you, what you want to do is you want people who find your profile. You want them to feel like, oh my gosh, the Stefanie La Heart. She is an absolute rock star in this space. Like, I’m really honored that she’s even connecting with me. And you could, if you, a mixed outdoor profile, you can do this. I mean, again, check out what I do. You know, I leverage all my authority. You know, the fact that I speak at a lot of conferences, that’s, you’re gonna see all of that evidence there in my LinkedIn profile. So that’s important because when you get an inbound message and you’re like, well, who is this? And then you look at it and then the profile image like you know, like they don’t even have, they’re not even using their cover image. It’s still like

Stefanie LaHart: 13:35 The little blue background glow lines and circles and stuff. It’s like, ah, okay. They’re probably not real serious about you know, what they do and who they serve so you to get, so I can I want advisor one. Definitely be judged on that. Yeah. Take a look at Josh’s profile on LinkedIn because he has really done an excellent job of doing exactly what he’s advising here because I think a lot of people still get stuck in that. They look at LinkedIn like, Oh, I just post my resume and we don’t do that on like that. It’s not may, it’s about providing like results, like showing people within this position or this job or this business you have. Like what did you provide? What was the result? What can your audience or your potential next customer expect to, to attain by working with you. It is not really that kind of like a bullet point, you know, remember that old bullet point kind of like resume where you [inaudible] like that is not what LinkedIn is for. And I constantly see that. So

Josh Elledge: 14:27 Yeah, you know, that said, I do like bullet points though. I could just because you know, visually, you know, and this is kind of a design my design brain here, I’m in branding brain like you want to make sure that it’s super easy to digest. So in your intro section, absolutely use bullet points. You know, if it’s appropriate you can even use like selectively like emojis, like little green check boxes and don’t, you know, don’t go nuts on smileys and stuff. But you can certainly use some of the graphical elements to help people read it a little easier. So that’s important. Otherwise you know, just [inaudible] this is my big philosophy. And that is the, over the past 10 years, listen, I’ve studied and led consumer behavior. People are more skeptical than ever before and people love doing their research before doing anything before engaging, before buying, before. Giving an email address before scheduling an appointment. You know all that, like we’re going to check people out. And so you have to know that in advance. You have to, you know, make sure that because we live in a swipe left swipe right world, everything you do is to earn a few more seconds of attention. And so if you have a bad profile picture, I’m sorry, but it is, listen, this is extremely superficial what I’m talking about, but it’s how we all behave. So

Stefanie LaHart: 15:48 Jessica, we sketch it out. Can we talk about real quickly, what does that messaging outreach look like? It was like earlier, I am constantly getting a spam email. I, you can tell it’s a copy and paste, like kind of all of their business services. They have no idea who I am or why I would need them. What do you do personally? I know you’re getting all these leads, you have that stack of business cards from Finn Con. How do you do that first outreach to people to look at it and valuable and worth their time?

Josh Elledge: 16:15 Here it is. So your initial outreach needs to be very authentic. It needs to lead with a value opportunity. That would be a no brainer. Now, in my case, we have a podcast and it’s called the thoughtful entrepreneur. And I’d actually love for someone to listen to it just so you can study how we do our sales. Because that podcast, it used to be a weekly podcast, then it went to three episodes a week. Now it’s five to seven episodes a week. And Stefanie, we may actually go to 14 episodes a week. [inaudible] And, and, and we may, I mean, it may actually be, I could see where we could do, like, it’ll come out like four episodes a day. And the reason why, and it’s not all going to be me doing the interviews, but here’s what I do when I reach out. I use LinkedIn sales navigator.

Josh Elledge: 17:06 Now I’m not a real expert. I’ve got an internal team that, that handles this for me. So like, I don’t know exactly what they do. All I know is I say, this is who I’m looking for. I need business owners, founders, CEOs that are earning that look like they’re earning six figures or more. Like we’ll look at like number of employees, you know, just try to figure out like if their branding is really good, chances are they’re making good money. Like just we want to look for evidence of success. If it looks like there’s some sort of sec success metrics going on, then go ahead and initiate a connection to them and ask them if they would be willing to be a guest on my podcast, the top entrepreneur. And we are also like [inaudible] when we, the outrage, I just say, Hey, I’m took a look at your profile. You might be a good guest for our podcasts. You know, if you’re earning six figures or more and you would consider yourself thoughtful in your leadership or scaling or growth or your kind of your purpose, you know, let me know. And if so happy to give you my schedule Lincoln and we could chat. No, I don’t

Speaker 3: 18:12 [Inaudible]

Josh Elledge: 18:14 That will net first message because if you do, it just looks like you’re selling and you’re just trying to get them into something. You have to probe first. And so you ask a question. And again, that question really needs to be something where ultimately, who am I looking for? Well, I’m looking for people that are in our psychographic profile that they want more significance. They are probably doing okay in business, but they’re maybe not getting the recognition that they feel that they deserve. So that’s our lead. We know that. So we, we invest in, I’ll share with you the dollars of this cause it’s gonna blow your mind the ROI on this and how we’ve worked out the system so that we can crank out podcasts so efficiently. And so for us, you know, we’re not creating NPR. I mean, we’re really just, these are 15 minute interviews.

Josh Elledge: 19:01 So they say, yeah, sure. You know, sometimes I’ll ask her a little bit information about the podcast or they’re nervous, you know, they’ve never done it before. But my team is just following a script. They’re fo following a flow chart. If they say yes, if they say no, blah, blah, blah. If they say, if they ask this question, we already have response has all worked out. So my team is able to copy and paste a lot of this on. Sometimes they have to tweak it. Now if they go off script, then Alisa on my team, and again, they’re all writing as me,

Josh Elledge: 19:32 She knows my voice. She’ll so she’ll go in once a day and address anybody that’s gone off script and, and the end goal is if they qualify, we want them to book a 30 minute call with me. Now that 30 minute call we always do on video. Why do we do it on video? Because if you’re in sales, you went the higher touch, the better. I never do sales calls on a phone, never. If they can’t do phone, I’m not going to take the call. It’s not worth my time. I only do video calls. Why? Because I want them to see me. I want to see them. I want that higher touch, a relationship because it will help. It’ll help close the deal. It’ll help build more rapport, help build the relationships so that we can eventually move onto partnering in some way.

Josh Elledge: 20:17 Either they’re buying my services, I might need their services. We might find a way to partner. You know, we partner with a lot of other agencies. We provide our services through that agency. So there’s a lot of ways we have to explore it. And the only way we’re going to know if the two jigsaw piece, those jigsaw puzzle pieces fit is that we just have to talk. We just have to learn about each other. And you think about it like most sales calls, like most of that first call is discovery anyway. Hey, tell me about what you do. And so I just figured, well, why I just turn that into a podcast. So we talked for about five to 10 minutes. This is on zoom, everybody’s scheduling and my acuity link. And by the way, if you qualify for what I talked about, feel free to go through my own sales funnel.

Josh Elledge: 20:58 I’m going to promote you to over 120,000 people. If you otherwise qualify, and you’ll also get to experience what it’s like to test this a sales funnel. Now I will say author, speaker, coaches, Eh, we kind of not really where it’s mainly for prod, you know, successful business owners to have legitimate like products and services. If you just have a book that you want to pimp, please do not apply. We’re not taking guests who just are just trying to, you know, push their book anywhere that they can. You legitimately need to talk about your rise to success in business.

Stefanie LaHart: 21:29 So yeah. So to review real quickly then, your outreach on LinkedIn looks like what you’re doing is you’re offering them away to build their business first. So you’re offering them yes. Spot on their podcast. That is your outreach.

Josh Elledge: 21:41 Absolutely said love to feature you on. If you qualify, we’d love to feature you on our podcast. It’s pro bono. We’ve got over 120,000 followers on social media. So I’m going to leverage everything that I’ve got right. And they’re going to also learn about me on LinkedIn. They’re gonna see, okay guys, pretty legit. So most people who are in their psychographic profile, it’s a no brainer. They’ll be like, oh my gosh, yes, of course. Like who’s going to say no to that? What would you say?

Stefanie LaHart: 22:05 Yes. So for someone who doesn’t have a podcast, what would be an appropriate offer that they could make in that first introduction? Or does it go back to, I mean it is always about them. In fact, I’m reading this fascinating book by Robin Dreek who was a a head director over at the FBI behavioral program. I’ll have to send it to you. You will love it. But it is always about what can you know, what’s in it for them, what can you do for them? Making them talk, you know, talk about themselves first. So in that and our initial outreach, I’d go and have a podcast, what could I offer this person that would get them to want to engage with me? More

Josh Elledge: 22:38 Free review of their, you know, if you’re a social media strategist, you know, just give them any oh $200 plus worth of value like, and, and it has to be non salesy. Just say, listen you know, one thing, if you do have a social media audience I, I was just talking with a new client. And so what she does is she has a huge network of divorce C’s and so divorce men and women. And so what she’ll do is she’s she works with attorneys yeah. For [inaudible] to be a part of a directory. So what she’s offering to do, she also has, she always, she has over 80,000 followers on LinkedIn. So if you have any, if maybe it’s Instagram, Facebook, whatever you have, you have to do an assessment of your assets. What do you have now? Visibility is always really good because generally it doesn’t cost you a whole lot.

Josh Elledge: 23:34 Otherwise, if you don’t have a big audience you’re going to have to, you know, you’re just gonna have to, it’s going to, you’re going to be an active service. And I, you know, I know this from like, we’re, you know, working with influencers, that’s one way to get into an inner circle is if you don’t have that level of influence, you serve your way in. And then all of a sudden you’re able to work with influencers. You’re above that. You do nice stuff for them. Like we built a press kit for, you know, some, some very notable people and we did it free of charge. Some of them never did anything back for me. That’s fine. That’s just part of it. They don’t have to hire me for anything. And let me give you, let me give you the numbers because this is gonna blow you away.

Josh Elledge: 24:15 And, and, and I think that this is someone who’s just been casually listening in the background. You need to turn up the volume right now because what I’m about to share with you is going to blow your mind in terms of like anything you’ve ever conceived of in terms of, you know, cost of, you know acquisition. You’ll advertising Facebook ads, all that other stuff. If you are B2B, let me share with you our numbers. We extend the invitation, by the way out. Right now we interview everybody. If they qualify, we interview them, we promote them. There’s no obligation for them to buy our products or services. A lot of times we talk and it’s just not a fit. Like I could tell right away. I don’t even offer them, you know, the opportunity to explore a partnership. But during that 30 minutes, I’ve gotten really good at five, 10 minutes we talk about, okay, what do you do?

Josh Elledge: 25:03 You okay getting and getting a feel for them. Okay, I’m going to refer you to as the founder and CEO of Blah, blah, blah. And then Bam. Then I start to recording on zoom. I end the podcast. It’s about 15 minutes long. I stop it. And so my person now, and I’ll talk a little bit more about workflow after I go through the numbers. But we’ve gotten those workflows down really, really, really well. So then the interview’s over. How about five, 10 minutes? We talk about, you know, hey, you know, I thought you were really great on the podcast interview. Like, do you do much of this? Have you been in the media? And they’ll say, no, we’d like to do more. Say Great. Let me send you a video real quick and then I’ll follow up. But here’s the link, copy and paste that I zoom right now.

Josh Elledge: 25:45 Put it in your browser right now. And this is all very intentional because when we close zoom, it’s going to disappear and it’ll go away. But I want them to open it up right now, like I want them to take action. And then I also follow up with a video, email. Uyou know, again, higher touch. It’s me talking to the camera. Uso I do that as well. Uand you know, and then we just follow up with them and we follow up with them saying, hey, the podcast is going to go live in six to eight weeks. Of course we’re going to give them all the assets so they can promote the show. So this show, by the way, that our audience numbers are going really, really up really fast because we’re cranking out so many and we have so many guests that are promoting to show.

Josh Elledge: 26:22 And so now when I offer that opportunity to let’s figure out if you need my services, you know, we do have a very, very good product. Like, you know, we’re very blue ocean. You know, we’re one fifth the cost of normal PR firms. And we can get our clients five to 10 media placements pretty easily every single month for a flat 11, 99 a month. PR Firms, when they hear that, by the way, it blows their mind. They’re like, I don’t even understand what you’re doing. But we’ve, we’ve worked hard to build a really, really good system, a good network of journals. Anyway, okay, so what are my numbers? All right, agency owners, take note. Right now, my close rate is about 20%. So what that means is that for every five interviews I do for them, they’re not buying a thing. We’re just promoting them.

Josh Elledge: 27:05 We’re doing the podcast interview. I, you know, I’ve made a friend, I’ve made a contact and I think that’s good. You want as many people as possible to know the problem you solve. So that’s good. Sometimes they’ll refer me once in a while, but I’m closing about 20% now our ALV, our average lifetime value for our client is somewhere between four and $6,000. My cost per acquisition to do a podcast interview is between 30 and $40 per episode. Like we’ve really gotten our systems down very, very well. So let’s say $40 times five, 40 times five, that’s $200. Let’s say it’s $300 with some extra whatever in there, right? $300 every time I crank out $300 worth of investment in producing podcast, promoting all that other stuff, I am earning four to $6,000 $300 in four to $6,000 out. I can do that over and over and over again. We’re right now we’re converting about two to three, sometimes four new clients every single week. Again, this is fairly new that we’ve [inaudible] nope. [inaudible] Doing this many podcast episodes, but it’s absolutely working. Yeah. So he told me those numbers, by the way, Stefanie, an in Facebook ads show it to me. It doesn’t exist if you’re B2B, forget it. It doesn’t exist.

Stefanie LaHart: 28:30 Yeah, you’re exactly right. And that’s something that I’ve been leaning so heavily on LinkedIn because of that. You know, it just makes sense. People are on LinkedIn for business connection, you know, simple as that everybody is on there to make that business connection. And I love the system that you’ve worked out. I see a lot of the ways that people that are listening less can take advantage of that and maybe work some of that within their own systems. Going back to that stack of business cards you showed me from the time, so will you be contacting each of those people then with that podcast offer?

Josh Elledge: 28:59 Oh, Josh will. It’s not necessarily me. I’ve got a team that does that. Okay. So when you got a stack of cards, and again this is about like again for those who can’t see this is, this is about four inches, four and a half inches. Our business cards I mean it’s, I haven’t counted them yet. So here’s where I do a scan them all and I run them through a scanner. I have an a scan snap which is something, there are business card scanners out there. And then I hire, I hire a VA to go in and transcribe it. Now also some of the software scans. Now we’ll, we’ll scan a lot of that for you so it’ll take the content from the card, put it in, in a, in a spreadsheet for you. And that’ll give you a good start.

Josh Elledge: 29:44 So then the VA just has to go and kind of like proof everything just to make sure, cause sometimes it’s not, it’s really not that that, that perfect. Okay. I get it all in there. I’m going to send a series of three emails to everybody. Number one is I’m going to say, hey, it was really great connecting with you at fin con. Hey, let’s follow up and continue our conversation. Also I wonder if you might make a good guest on our podcast. Let’s talk about that really quick. Love to have you on. If you’d be willing to be a guest on that. And that’s where we have a call now. If they get on the call, we have a pre, you know, kind of a pre podcast interview, we have pre-interview call. And so if they get on the call, cause we’re sending it to everybody and they say, oh well I’m just baby brand new starting.

Josh Elledge: 30:33 I’m like, oh, okay, well listen, let’s make sure we talk and like six months from now. Cause you know, our, our Benjamin is like, you need to be making at least six figures in business. You need to be, you know, really, really growth focused. If you’re early, really early stage, totally cool. Let’s do some other stuff together. Happy to give you a shout on Twitter or something like that. Like I’m still gonna do something forward them. But I’m also going to recognize that I only have so much inventory, right. I’m doing seven shows a week, so I do have to be a little bit selective. Which is author, speaker, coaches, I’m sorry, but there’s just been way too many that have kind of really, they get on and they turn it into a pitch fast. And now we’re just really, really skeptical and fine. And I’ll tell you, by the way, journalists are also very, very skeptical of authors, speakers, coaches. Right? And I’m sorry, it’s just a, it’s just a field where there’s too many people that have really messed it up and that’s not fair. But yeah, that’s our, that’s our podcast, right?

Stefanie LaHart: 31:27 Josh has it as a, as a past recipient of your Twitter love. And I know the power of what you just simply tweeting out, you know, something about me has done for my business. Can we make that offer to my listeners right now that if they reach out to you on Twitter that you will retweet them. Cause I know you like to do that.

Josh Elledge: 31:46 I do a lot. Yeah. Yeah. I believe in my philosophy with Twitter is just to be a good person. Like make other people the star of the show. Like you can go through, like there’s some things I’ll talk about, you know, like I just had a really nice write up in Forbes magazine that was really amazing. You know, you know, I’ll share my own stuff, but that’s a win for our community. That’s a win. That validates our movement. Like what, what, what the up my influence movements is all about. But other than that, like I love making other people look good. You know, I don’t have to worry about being witty, pithy, you know all that other, you know, it’s like my job is just to celebrate other people. I love to do that. And we’ve got over 80 some thousand followers on Twitter so I guess it works. Huh.

Stefanie LaHart: 32:32 It doesn’t work. So [inaudible] you guys remember you need to connect with Josh on LinkedIn and also Twitter. He will show you some love. I can, I can attest to it. How much or for my own following in my own business that when people saw me in that way, you know, through Josh’s eyes it was like suddenly like I was able said what you talk about all the time, the authority level. So that was major and I appreciate that. I’m going back to LinkedIn real quickly cause we have to tie this up. I like to keep these podcasts kind of short, so I know people are actually going to be listening to them. I get a little scared if I see podcasts, it’s like an hour long. I’m like, I don’t have time to do that for me, but give me, give me one actionable thing after this podcast that people should do on their LinkedIn profile.

Josh Elledge: 33:14 Oh my gosh. I mean the v sorry elite. I do have, if you go to up my now it was about a year ago. I, I did an article that talked about if you want to become a media celebrity, you need to Max out your LinkedIn profile. So I give you a lot of step by step. I do a lot of pro bono where I just teach you all this stuff. Listen, after 2000 media appearances, I’ve learned a few things. So follow what I teach. You can again, you can just totally hack my my LinkedIn profile. You know, take what you like from there and make it your own. On our youtube channel as well. I’ve done videos all about profile pictures, why it’s so critical, like how to have a perfect, perfect business profile image. I talk about like how you can test it and validate it.

Josh Elledge: 34:03 So the, you know, it’s gonna perform for you. And all of this stuff is accessible and again, you could completely stock me and lurk and, and I’ll never know that you were there, but just learn from all the stuff that I’ve taught. So go to up my in the lower left hand corners, all of our socials connect with me on all of them. Yeah, my permission. And just learn from everything that we do. Now, again, if you qualify, you know, you’ve got, you know, you’re doing well in business you know, let’s absolutely connect and I will promote you to all of my audiences. I’d be happy to do that. If it makes sense for us to do business, we’ll figure that out. You know, happy to, happy to explore that. If it doesn’t totally fine. You know, my philosophy is just do more good in the world and you know, where you plant your seeds is not necessarily where you will reap your harvest, but we plant seeds anyway. And, and that’s just absolutely part of that go-giver mentality.

Stefanie LaHart: 34:57 Right? Josh? Once again, you know, you continually blow my mind every time I talk to you, I like learn something new and I’m like, you’re just amazing. Like you’re just a wealth of information and like you truly practice what you preach. I mean, you were the most giving person I think I’ve ever met as not only just you know, personally, but business-wise, like you’re always helping me and I really appreciate that. And I think that’s really something, one of the takeaways that our audience needs to keep hearing is that’s what it’s about. I still see so much salesy stuff out there that is, you know, that’s not how you build a business and all these get rich quick scans, you know, they never were, they never work. Even if you get a little bit of money in the, in the beginning it’s not sustainable. So go into it from a point of how is my service going to help you build your business.

Stefanie LaHart: 35:41 And you know, that’s where you’re going to see the best results. So everything Josh mentioned, the links, the socials, the blog, I’m going to make sure they’re all listed in the show notes so that everybody has access to them. And of course, if you do reach out to Josh, make sure that you tell him that you heard about him on that you’re digital podcast. Cause I want Josh to come back again because I’ve just personal learning it, learning so much. And you know, I want to take advantage of that too. So thank you again for your time. I know it’s very valuable and you’re amazing. Thank you Josh. Awesome. Stefanie, you’re amazing.


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