Marketing Tips for Restricted Industries with Molly Rose

New business opportunities in the cannabis sales industry are opening up across the nation. And while these new businesses are legal the marketing for them is still restricted. Our guest today, Molly Rose is an expert social media marketer in restricted industries and she shares her insights, challenges, and customer building tips on today’s show.

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Molly Rose is a Restricted Marketing Expert and the founder of Molly Rose Media & Cannabis Confidential. Through her agency, consulting programs, and live speaking, she has helped numerous business owners create out of the box campaigns for and free themselves from the shackles of their industry’s restrictions. With a background in traditional marketing, PR, and business development, Molly has spent nearly a decade in the digital space and is most known for her cutting edge digital strategies, content marketing, influencer campaigns, agency consulting and non-profit work. Find her online at:

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